Get ready for the upcoming ski season!!!

by paspapt

The winter season is just around the corner.  For most people this means dealing with below freezing temps and having to bundle up with coats and sweaters.  For me and many other winter sport enthusiasts it means getting the skis and boots out of storage, checking to see if you still fit into your ski’ pants, and booking your trip up North. 

I go skiing with my family every season and I try to get in as many ski days as possible.  I love to get out early and catch the first untracked runs and get the last ride up the lift at 4pm. But like so many, I often do not prepare my legs and core in terms of strength and endurance for the sport. Skiing is a sport that you absolutely must do pre-season conditioning. We do not ski throughout the year; we ski a few times/days per year.  Skiing and snowboarding are not part of your regular exercise routine. Also the cold temps, altitude, and ski run challenge that you like to tackle all need to be taken into account. Your fitness level must be there!

You use a combination of pure physical strength and endurance for this sport.  If you are a skier who likes to do moguls, this comes into play that much more.  The quadriceps, hamstrings, calf’s, adductors, gluteals and core muscles are key muscles used in the sport. 

I like to start getting ready at least 8 weeks before the ski season.  I work out all year but I start to increase my cardio, core and leg strengthening before the ski season is upon us.

  • Adductors or inner thigh muscle strengthening help to keep skis together in parallel skiing.
  • Calf’s and core help maintain balance and upright posture of your trunk when your knees are flexed
  • Quads, gluteals and hamstrings are constantly working as you go downhill in a bent knee position, making turns with legs pistoning to absorb the shock of uneven terrain or a mogul run.

For more information on a specific strengthening program contact Paspa Physical Therapy.

Stay healthy and safe this ski season by making sure you are physically prepared for the sport.