Kinesio-taping for quicker recovery and back to sports

by paspapt


Kinesio taping has been in the field of physical therapy and sports medicine for many years now.  We’ve all seen athletes on TV with the colorful tape on different parts of their bodies.  The tape isn’t being applied to look “cool” or to be a fashion statement.  Kinesio taping is being applied to help support joints, facilitate muscle action, and optimize performance to promote the body’s natural healing process.

I must admit that as a physical therapist that is used to treating most orthopedic conditions using manual techniques, stretching and exercise, I was nothing short of a skeptic.  How is this thin, flexible tape going to help decrease pain and increase support of a joint?  Well I have been proven wrong time and again.  I am now a true believer.

I have been using Kinesio tape with my patients for over a year to enhance the PT treatment being given. Yes, I am a little late in the game, but better late than never.  Numerous conditions such as tennis elbow, knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome), tendonitis, neck and low back pain, and shoulder impingement are just a few of the conditions that I have used the tape on with great success.  I must say I often feel like a miracle worker.  After the tape is applied, patients will often feel better almost immediately.  I rarely use the rigid sports tape anymore.  Kinesio tape is so light and thin, making it much more comfortable for patients to wear.  It is designed to mimic the elasticity and feel of skin.  Patients forget that they have it on.

If you have a nagging injury or painful joint I recommend that you give Kinesio tape a try.  It’s not just a pretty pink, blue, fuchsia colored tape that you put on your skin to look good, it is a great rehab tool that more and more physical therapists are using to enhance their treatments and allow for quicker recovery and return to sports.

Pamela Paspa P.T.

Paspa Physical Therapy